Time to Teach is an evidence based classroom management model, which uses practical, proven, and powerful strategies to deal with classroom behavior. Time to Teach has been used in schools for over forty years.

There are 5 core components of Time to Teach. They are: 

Student Mood Awareness/Rapid Teacher Response

When a student is becoming disruptive, teachers remain calm. When teachers exhibit self-control and can read their students' moods, they react swiftly, calmly, and compassionately. 

Teach To's

Classroom rules and routines are explained, modeled, and practiced in mini lessons called "Teach To's". They are explicit and consistent throughout the school year.

Once teachers have taught the rules and routines (such as how to raise hand, asking for help, etc), an effective instructional climate is created. 


REFOCUS allows teachers to eliminate multiple warnings and repeated requests for low level behaviors.  Disciplinary actions are done quickly, calmly, and professionally.  Children are given a choice and provided guidance and correction when needed.

REFOCUS is a 4-6 minute process which asks students to answer (in writing) the following questions and is followed by a brief teacher/student conference.
  • What was your behavior? (Recognition of behavior)
  • What did you want? (Venting and ownership)
  • What will you do next time? (Action plan)
  • Are you ready to return to class? (Commitment) 

Student and Teacher Relationships

Good relationships are the keystone to well run classrooms. If students are aware that the teacher values them as human beings, they will be more likely to work hard and less likely to challenge the teacher. 

Classroom Arrangement and Design

Classroom cleanliness, orderliness, and character influence student's behavior, and arrangement of classroom furniture affects what can be accomplished in the classroom.  Teachers arrange the room and set procedures with this in mind.
For more information on Time to Teach, go to www.timetoteach.com