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Gifted and Talented Education @ Ridgeview

Gifted and Talented Education @ Ridgeview

GATE Cluster Class - GATE students are placed in clusters with other GATE-identified students in a class taught by a GATE-certified teacher who has received a minimum of 30 hours of professional development experience specific to the needs of gifted and talented learners.
Differentiated Math Instruction - In 4th and 5th grades, enrichment opportunities are provided for students GATE and high achieving students through differentiation within the grade level standards. For 6th grade students, an accelerated math class is offered. Students in the accelerated class will complete much of the 7th grade content, on a pathway to completing the Integrated 1 course in 8th grade.

Challenge/Extension Units - Grade level Challenge Units are designed to include components that are open-ended and allow for individual student challenge and initiative.

Differentiated Novel Studies - Students at all grade levels participate in novel studies which allow for differentiation in the content and complexity of the text being explored.
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