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BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Ridgeview Elementary School is excited to announce the evolution of its one-to-one program, which will expand the Chromebook program that has served the school well during the last four years.  When we adopted the Chromebook program, it was clear that this was best device for Ridgeview at that time.  As technological tools and platforms have developed since then, Ridgeview has determined that a different approach to the one-to-one program will better serve the students and teachers.  We will now take advantage of more recent developments and trends in educational technology that offer a variety of options to better serve the learning needs and preferences of our students.  

Ridgeview (and other schools throughout the Eureka Union School District) will adopt a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program starting in the 2017-2018 school year.  This means that families will be able to choose a device to bring to school from a list of recommended devices that meet minimum specifications.  We chose this program for several reasons:

  • The prevalence of web-based tools and non-device specific programs
  • The desire for students to be able to produce original work
  • The ability for students to customize their learning experience
  • The budgetary realities of each family and the school district
  • The freedom for students to choose a device that fits their comfort level and interests
  • A limited number of school-owned devices are available for check out for use at school and home.  Priority is reserved for families qualifying for additional services due to financial hardship.

So, how does this work?  Families will be able to purchase a device that meets clearly defined functional requirements.  The information below will describe these requirements and offer examples of approved devices to help families make informed decisions.  Please consider the following steps before purchasing a device for your family:

While this program allows for choice and customization, student devices are required to meet several requirements.  This is meant to help families narrow their search, not dictate specific devices.  The list of minimum requirements is below this text.

If you have any questions about the BYOD program, please take a moment to review the FAQ found on our website:  BYOD FAQ.

Minimum Requirements

Ridgeview School has developed a list of minimum device requirements that are flexible enough to meet the needs of both the classroom and personal preference.       

  • Operating System –  a fully functional operating system: Windows 7/8/10, macOS and ChromeOS are recommended. iOS and Android can be made to work but these operating systems lack certain functionality.
  • Google Apps –  ability to access Google Apps for Education through the web browser or apps.  Google Apps for Education include Google Classroom, Google Drive, Google Email, and other similar apps. The school will provide a Google account to each student.
  • Wireless – ability to connect to a wireless network (WiFi) system using 802.11N or 802.11AC (802.11G is not recommended).  No cellular data can be used for school purposes.
  • Screen Size - a minimum screen size of 7.” A  9″ or larger screen is recommended.
  • Storage – a minimum of 16 GB of local storage, either hard disk or solid state (if local storage is low the device should allow for alternate external storage via a USB or SD port).
  • Battery –  a minimum battery life of five to six hours. If the device allows batteries to be swapped, students can bring multiple charged batteries to school to meet this standard.
  • Microphone/Headphones –  allow for the use of a microphone and headphones, either through separate jacks for the microphone and headphone, a combined microphone/headphone jack, USB port, or Bluetooth connection.

Every student must have Internet access outside of school, either through WiFi or a physical connection, to complete homework assignments. This can be at home, in a relative’s home, or in a public place such as a library or coffeeshop. Families with financial difficulties should investigate if they’re eligible for the Internet Essentials program ($10/month Internet:

Below is a list of recommended equipment that some students may find useful:

  • Keyboard – a physical keyboard is recommended, either built into the device or as a separate Bluetooth or USB keyboard.
  • Onboard Video/Camera – ability to take and save pictures and videos.
  • Case – a protective case or padded bag for their device.

Ridgeview School will provide user-level technology support, such as troubleshooting apps and software issues, to the student body.  Physical damage or complex issues will require the families to find options for support off campus.  In the event of a damaged device, students will be able to borrow a loaner device until their device has been repaired or replaced.  Families are strongly encouraged to consider an extended warranty, breakage policy, or a customer support program when purchasing a new device.